Wednesday 26 December 2012

July, August, September (recap)

July- It was a big lesson for me to accept my new me, me with scars, me and my arm.
August- I had beautiful time and enjoyed summer so much. I was creating every day, meditating in the garden, keeping myself happy and positive. I started to participate in drawing group again and I met there a wonderful and extremely talented person who helped me to fall in love with Edinburgh again. Thank you Lisa. I also decided to quit my job. I did not want to put my health in risk and I was sure that I would like to have more time in my life for myself and people who I love. I went to see my family and friends in Poland. I discovered beautiful music of Mela Koteluk. Thank you Murakamia sister.
September- I have started new job.  I and Scott reached a critical point in our relationship but also it was a new beginning of positive changes for us.

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