Sunday 21 July 2013

Inner and Outer

Hello beautiful spirits. It has been another warm and sunny day. Another opportunity to sit, relax, gather and write my thoughts in the garden. While I am writing my partner is just about to start making strawberry jam and bread. I have just finished writing my morning pages and ate two beautiful, sweet and juicy plums. Gifts and joys of summer. I had a lot of ups and downs last week. I felt a bit overwhelmed with business and was struggling with body weakness as well. I am going to start working for a new employer from August and like with every change in our lives I feel a little worried and scared. My body weakness could simply be a reaction of resistance to a new coming change in my life. I have had a wonderful work experience over the last year. It has been such a beneficial, learning and inspiring time. A new experience is waiting at the corner now.
I have been carrying on with painting Scottish landscapes in watercolour. The first painting was made during a gorgeous Sunday morning. I had woken up early and started to paint and it made me feel so peaceful, relaxed and set up for the rest of the day. Painting is such a beautiful process of transforming our feelings into an image.
I watched 'Before midnight' yesterday and I started to think afterwards about places where we live and how these places shape and affect our art style. Our art style as a combination of our inner world, experiences and inspirations, shaped by places where we live. If I would live in Greece I imagine that my art style would be softer and more delicate, more bluish and greenish, more watery. Places where we live and create. Our art style shaped by our outer world... Anyway time to have some raspberries and till the next time. Thank you for reading and I hope you are well. Love and blessings to you all.

Wednesday 10 July 2013


I have realised, experienced and became more aware of two important aspects in my life over recent days. The first is the awareness of creation. Creation exists everywhere and we can always be creative regardless of what we do. The most important are our thoughts when we do things. We create everyday even if we do not realise it. We create our lives, days, relationships, sleep, meals, thoughts, rest, art, work etc. We constantly take a part in the process of creation. Our thoughts are like tools which help us to create. Create life which you would like to have and be aware that you are creator.
The second is time. I have been busy and occupied with my daily work recently. When I finally stopped, my body completely collapsed. I did not have any energy to do anything. My body reminded me to create time to rest. The body, mind and spirit are inseparable. One always stimulates and affects another. One turns out energy of another. They are like parallel worlds.
It has been a beautiful, sunny and extremely hot day. Real summer! I have been walking with bare feet on the grass and that was a beautiful moment of the day. It is a peaceful evening now. Energy is cooling down and I can feel the evening breeze and hear the magical sound of summer wind.' Another opportunity for healing. Life is serving up another portion of bliss' as Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote.
Regardless of how summery I feel now I could not describe my paintings as summery ones. However they do express me now. I feel peaceful and distant sometimes. I am on a journey to my inner self.

Monday 1 July 2013

Watercolour summer

It is late evening when I am writting these words. I have had a very nice day. I woke up and I had known already that I would be able to rest and feel like having time for myself. Time to be, create and relax. It has been one of those days when I feel connected with universal love. When I feel loved so much. When I see my loved ones happy. When it makes me happy too and grateful for their happiness. When everything even mistakes and unexpected events are perfect and fine. When I allow myself time to create.
 I created 'Marfa Lights'. This painting is an expression of how I feel now. I painted my feelings and emotions  by using warm and cold colours. It is also my expression of summer painted in freckles on the face. I was inspired to call my painting 'Marfa Lights' by Deuter music. This music perfectly reflects how I felt when I was painting.

Marfa Lights

Also I would like to present another painting which I called 'Fishing house'. Believe me or not, it was the first time I have painted a house. I am always a bit scared of trying new things and it took me a while to decide and feel ready to paint it. It has been a watercolour summer so far after a long acrylic winter.
I noticed that somehow there is more patience, awareness and stillness in me. Maybe it is the magic of summer influence.

Fishing house

I would like to thank you All wonderful souls for possibility of sharing my thoughts and art with you. Thank you for reading, looking, sometimes listening and steeping into my world. Thank you for all your kind words and supportive comments which always mean a lot for me. Love and blessing to you All.