Tuesday 29 October 2013


Cold and windy days have arrived and gets darker sooner. Autumn slowly turns into winter. I have been painting monochromatic portraits of my friend Domi for last two weeks. Painting portraits of Domi brought to me lots of thoughts and feelings about femininity. It is so important and precious for me to be a woman. Also it is very beneficial to be surrounded in every day life by wise and inspiring women. Femininity is an inner power of women. It occurs in their sensuality, sexuality, wisdom, creativity and sensitivity. Sometimes women forget how to access their inner power, their 'eternal source of Mystery that is their strength' as Sarah Ban Breathnath describes. Sometimes they do not even realize how powerful and magical they are. Women need to remember that femininity is always with them. We all have got such a big capacity to love ourselves and others. Being in touch with our feminine nature is an act of love.

The blessing of being
Be the power of fire, be magical
Be the power of water, be beatiful
Be the power of earth, be who you are
Be the power of air, be all you wish to be

Friday 18 October 2013

Time away

It is definitely true that time heals. My friend visited me last week. We have not seen each other for over a year. Despite the distance between us (Domi lives in Poland) I found our friendship exactly the same, like we have not changed at all. But we have. We have both experienced so much in the past year and are in different moments in our lives. We can still trust, be open towards each other and laugh, laugh, laugh as much as we used to. I love to laugh with her. I needed her company so much. She appeared in the most appropriate moment. After catching up with Domi in Edinburgh, I went to visit my parents in Poland. It was so good to spend time with them. It was also good to distance myself from my worries, to go away, to spend time with people who I love and miss so much. It is good to feel loved by them too. It inspired me. I captured beautiful images of people and autumn in my heart and it nourished my soul. Also I would never thought that strawberries could taste so sweet in October (thank you Scott). I am back in Edinburgh now. I am rediscovering familiar spaces, the smell of the air and the peace inside and around me. I am ready  again.

Photographs from Poland

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Sign me

There are ups and downs in our lives. There is also time when we make mistakes. The same mistakes  we have made and regretted in the past so much, hoping that finally we would learn from them. However, sometimes things and circumstances turn out differently than we would expect. We feel tired and a bit scared, stuck and blocked that we make the same mistakes again. Then sorrow and guilt come and we are facing the most difficult of consequences. We are trying to release ourselves from our inner pain. We want to forgive ourselves and let go but we do not know how. This is how I have been feeling recently. I have felt a little lost and distant from myself.

I decided to take some time to find my happiness again.

Sign me

I would like to thank you for all your beautiful comments. Thank you for sharing your autumn thoughts with me. Your words make my autumn posts fully complete.