Monday 31 March 2014

Plain paintings

Life brings so many inspirations and it is a beautiful abundance. I feel that I could paint and paint. It is the matter of finding and building up time to paint which sometimes is not easy. I have recently done my first paintings of the sea. My heart is completely filled up with blue at the moment.

Outdoor time and walks bring many inspirations as well. 

I am also happy to announce that I am going to exhibit again!

Dear souls, I have an unusual request. I have created a facebook page for my paintings and I need to reach 50 likes to make that page public. If you can please give me like, if you like :) that would be great! You just have to put aga's journey into the search on fb and I should pop out. Thank you for this so much!
Wishing you all a fantastic, happy and creative week!

Sunday 23 March 2014

Rivers of Babylon, birthdays and time away

I have not posted anything for a while. I have felt a bit down and overwhelmed over the last few weeks. There were lots of moments of tiredness, lack of hope and pushing my needs away. There was lots of resistance in me too. Then suddenly when I just gave up and let things go, everything has started to change. Now I feel that this time of feeling hopeless was needed, that moments like I have experienced recently are just a part of life and they always come and go. The whole point is just to accept those circumstances and give them space and time to let them go away.
 I realized that when we let go, we start to trust in a process of life again, we also open our hearts for new seen and unseen opportunities, inspirations and miracles to happen.
Scott and I have just come back from our little trip to London. We were visiting our friend Weronika (who is a fantastic inspiration for yoga- please check her facebook page here ) there and also were celebrating our birthdays because they are only a few days apart.
These are photographs taken in London. They present London seen and captured in my eyes as the images of little delights, memories and happiness.It was good to be away, catch up with Weronika and experience completely different surroundings. But it is good to be back too and enjoy time at home, appreciate Edinburgh again and listen to beautifully singing birds in the garden. Spring has finally arrived!
Happy spring! Love and blessing to you all!

Sunday 9 March 2014


appreciations of life and gratitude

March my favorite month

outdoor time-silent meditation and being  surrounded by nature
painting time- smell of oils, drying paint, another meditation, inner silence and music which takes me on a journey
body time- acceptation, courage, act of love, gift
spring time- daffodils in the house and singing birds in the garden