Friday 20 February 2015

Sunday 8 February 2015

Moon stories

There are so many cycles in our lives. They all affect us in some way. They all are important and magnificent. They make us to appreciate, acknowledge, understand and accept the concept and rhythm of life. There are inner and outer cycles. There are moon stories...too.

I have been focusing on restoring my health in balance for few months now. I have started to follow my feminine cycles by choosing foods, forms of exercises, tasks and activities which provide me a nourishment I need at each point in my cycle. I have never put much attention to it until my body gave me a 'wake up' call. I am so grateful for this. I feel much more connected with myself and my body. I feel much more loved and happier.

Living and following my natural cycles mean listening to my body messages, accept natural changes, go with my pace and nourish myself in every aspect of my being.

'Moon stories' represents changes which I have been through recently. It has been exciting and extremely positive journey of reconnecting with my body.

Do you have your own moon stories?

Sunday 1 February 2015

Sunday walk

Hello gorgeous souls. Today is the day when everything seems to be in perfect alignment and synchronized. From one point of view nothing really happened but at the same time I feel so grateful to life. It has been snowing (I was waiting for snow so long), I started to knit washclothes, had a walk, I have been painting moons, looking at sleepy cat on the sofa, briefly saw my friend and all is well. There is no rush, just trying to remember to go with my pace, my flow and I feel happy and I feel grateful.