Monday 25 March 2013


Writing has become part of my creating process. It is like a part of the journey. I paint and then describe thoughts which came to me during painting. Writing, painting and describing. It is a beautiful chance and opportunity to look into myself,  my heart, dreams and visions. Every painting is an effect of my inner journey. This time I took the journey to Goa. Have you ever been on Goa?
Many of my friends have been there already. There are various reasons why they go there. They are looking for sun, music, meet nice and friendly people, get inspired and relax. They are seeking for inner and outer freedom and peace. Have you ever been on Goa? My friends whenever they talk about Goa seem to be relax, calm and happy. I heard few stories from Goa. These stories inspired me to paint.
Now I feel that I am ready to move on to another painting and to write again. Next journey begins.

I would like to thank you all for your comments, which always are full of support, heart and kind thoughts. I am very happy and grateful for this. Much love to you all.
Also I dedicate my 'Goa' painting to my spiritual mum Ewa. Thank you for your inner wisdom, heart and beauty.

Monday 18 March 2013

Vision Board

I made my first vision board about a year ago. I am planning to make new one soon. But before I start collecting images for my new vision board I have started to paint some images from my last vision board. I think that subconsciously I am saying goodbye to my all last year visions to start and focus on new dreams, hopes and challenges. My last painting inspiration comes from my vision board. It was a great experience to paint it. I found myself so happy just by blending paints and colours on the palette and looking and waiting for that expected and wanted shade of colour. Every painting is different, every painting carries different energy and challenges. This painting which I simply called   'Vision Board' represents my inner and outer experience of spring and all these beautiful sparkles of happiness and gratitude which happen every day in our lives. It describes a moment just after sunset, when sky is almost on fire. 

'Vision Board'

Monday 11 March 2013

Black and White

Leah's inspiration in March is 'black and white'. I decided to follow her inspiration. I painted for the first time human body in acrylics. It was new and challenging  process for me but I enjoyed it very much. It was a process of creating and learning about human body at the same time. I also discovered how human body regardless of age and shape is beautiful and perfect in itself. How much is able to tell about us and our lives. How much fragile, delicate and complicated it is. I enjoyed having my hands dirty with paint again. During painting I was also thinking how much we and our lives are complicated and developed. Nothing is just black and white. There are also shades, combinations, possibilities, circumstances, different colours and choices. There is so much beauty in us and around us. Look in itself and around you and try to see it. We all are beautiful. Thank you Leah for inspiring me.

Thursday 7 March 2013

The girl who played with fire

Hello beautiful souls. I started to paint again few days ago. It brought me such a spontaneous happiness and gratitude. The most important is that I feel ready again to create. It is good to be back. It is good as well to feel spring in the air, to enjoy sun and light. It will be definitely spring of hope for me. It is probably arleady.

I called my latest painting ' The girl who played with fire'. An idea for it has been waiting in me for weeks. It came to me when I and my loved ones went together to Pentlands and set up fire there. 'The girl who played with fire' represents powers which are always with us even if we do not feel them. They are life's forces which carry us through our journey. It is an eternal fire, strength, love and hope. We all have got it.

'The girl who played with fire' (acrylics and oils)

Friday 1 March 2013

In the meantime

It has been a while since I wrote, painted and felt strong and ready enough to carry on with myself. There are moments in time and our lives when everything seems to be fine. When we think that things go well. Then suddenly and rapidly life or circumstances change our reality. I had a crash in my personal life. I drifted away from myself and world around me and I needed time to put myself up together. I lost myself for a while. I felt hurt, completely powerless and empty. I am trying to rise myself up now, pick up all broken pieces of me and start again. Maybe life is about constantly starting again? I went home to see my parents last week. I experienced there few magical moments. First of all I experienced snow. I was making snow angel. When I laid down on the fresh snow and felt snowflakes peacefully falling down on my face I could not feel more happier, blessed and peaceful at that moment.

Also I had a dream at home about sky full of shining stars and that was a beautiful dream. I spoke to the lady who survived the second world war and I was completely impressed how strong and brave woman she is. She told me a love story about her and her husband. They spent together 48 years! She said to me that she could not find a better man. He passed away few years ago but she is still in love with him.
My parents are strong and beautiful souls too. They have not had easy life but they are so devoted to each other after after 37 years of being together. I am so proud of them.
So here I am back to Edinburgh again. It is Friday morning and I can feel spring in the air. Spring of hope. I feel not quite rested but ready to move on and start again.
I did few sketches when I was in Poland. I sketched my parents from now and then. It is amazing how much they have changed. How life shaped itself on their bodies and faces. During my sketching I also noticed how much I look like them.
To my parents with the deepest love and gratitude.