Monday 26 May 2014


The time of 'Wild mountain thyme' song listened to at the farmers market, when I was selling organic bread and meeting so many cheerful and positive people. The time of the summer slowly coming through spring, offering thunder and blissful rain. The time of drawing and sketching.

(colour pencils)

Sunday 18 May 2014

My parents

My parents visited me in Edinburgh. It has been 4 years since they visited me together. It was great to spend time with them and to feel them so close. They both are lovely people with enormous hearts filled with love, delight and curiosity about life. During their visit I have started to wonder who I am? It is proven that we all are energy. The more I look at my parents the more I see myself. Not only do I recognize myself in their physical features but also in many behaviors and reactions.  Am I a combination of their energies and all experiences which have happened to me since I was born? My dad said to me yesterday whilst we were talking about something trivial, wise and simple at the same time. He said: ' Remember life is beautiful'.
It has been an extremely intensive week and I did not have time to paint. However generous life brought me much inspirations instead.

I shared a watercolour 'Portobello Sunday' in my previous post. This time I would like to share another 'Portobello Sunday' but painted in oils on a wooden panel. I have never painted on the panel before and it was an interesting experience of getting familiar with a new texture.

before birds

and after

Here I would like to share some little beauties

Also I would like to thank you all for your kind and supporting comments from my last post. I really appreciate them and I am very grateful.
Much love to you all!

Sunday 4 May 2014


Hey beautiful souls. One of the parts of my art journey is sharing and selling my paintings.  I did my first Makers Market this week. It was an interesting experience. It did not go very well with regards to selling. In fact, I felt pretty much exhausted after it.  But in spite of that I also felt more confident afterwards. That confidence comes from my intention of sharing and getting feedback from people. 

I also have started to work on my seaside paintings which were inspired by our recent trip to the beach.

Portobello Sunday

Nothing seems to be better and more relaxing these days than outdoor time and appreciating the gifts of nature.