Monday 30 December 2013

Another deer and another year

Hello gorgeous souls. I hope you all had a beautiful and magical Christmas. It is so nice to have time to relax, see our loved ones, sleep a bit longer than usual, go for walks, to read and create. I have started to summarize and release 2013 to clear the pathway for new miracles to come. I have been working with Leonie Dawson's workbook which I highly recommend. I have revisited myself during these last twelve months which brought many beautiful and challenging lessons for me. I am learning to forgive myself and others. I have been practicing to be less critical and judgmental.  I have painted over 50 paintings which make me incredibly happy and grateful. I opened my Etsy shop and had my first sale! Scott and I had holidays together for the first time in a long long while. I know myself more now because I can distance myself from the past and see myself then and now which makes me able to forgive and accept. I was completely transformed this year by love, by my art journey and the magical moments with children. I managed to let go of fear and resentment. 2013 led me to paint, trust and believe in myself and my life process. I am proud of myself and grateful for my paintings, my life, us and our home.
I painted another deer recently. There are such beautiful creatures, full of wisdom and grace. I also took some photos during a lovely wander with Scott around Duddingston loch.

To my deer

photo taken by Scott Spalding

photo taken by Scott Spalding

'Be brave
be a visionary
choose radiance
embrace possibility
cultivate magic
practice Love' (thank you Leonie)
Happy and beautiful 2014 to you all.

Friday 20 December 2013


Christmas time has many meanings for us. It can be a joyful merry and happy time during the year, or sad and stressful, sometimes both. My Christmas is a mixture of the past, present and future. It is the time when another year is nearly finished and naturally I start to think about the last 12 months and make plans and goals for the year to come. I often go back to Christmas memories from my childhood. When my brother and I were waiting for the first star in the night sky on Christmas Eve signalling the beginning of Christmas for us, when we were giving each other blessings and greetings before we sat around the Christmas dinner. When we were decorating the Christmas tree, our decorations being kept every year in a very, very old suitcase which was a magical item for me at that time. When I believed that all animals spoke in a human voice on the night of  Christmas Eve.
My Christmas started suddenly and silently at the beginning of December. I started by making Christmas cards and listening to Christmas carols. I decorated our small Christmas tree and I felt so relaxed and cheerful regardless of the rain and wind outside.  I have become a part of the wintery scenery in the city.
I also think that during the Christmas period we try sometimes more than ever to be happier and make other people happy. Our heart expands with love. 'Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past' Gladys Taber tells us. Today's Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and relieving those of yesterday.' 'Creating happy hours' how beautiful and inspiring that sounds. Christmas is the time of celebrating, for sharing love happiness and sending blessings to each other.That is why I really wanted to publish this post on time before Christmas. This post and especially my latest work I painted for all those who I will not be able to reach personally or by post. My latest painting is for all of you. Wishing you a very happy and Merry Christmas.

'My Deer'

Wednesday 11 December 2013

5 minutes

Hello beautiful souls. I hope you all are well. It has been an extremely busy time for me over the last few weeks. I have been busy but many wonderful things have happened too. Sometimes however, it was difficult to find the balance between being occupied too much and taking time to rest. Being focused and aware of the little moments of beauty and happiness helped me to get through the feeling of being overwhelmed. Those little moments when I was walking home surrounded by Christmas lights and decorations on the streets made dark and cold evenings so charming and beautiful, especially in the city. When I went for walks even small ones, when I could admire squirrels every morning through our kitchen window or when Scott was making cranberry sauce.  The first time this year, it was snowing a few days ago. Even if it was only snowing for 5 minutes it was a truly beautiful and magical time. The snow came so unexpectedly, softly and quietly. My whole world had been remade in those 5 minutes of magic. All my tiredness and stress disappeared. It is amazing how those little moments can change us and make us feel better, happier and grateful. I believe that life is about those moments and capturing them to be inspire our spirits. Life is beautiful! I also tried to nourish my spirit with creating whenever I had the time available. I was playing with watercolours and have started to make Christmas cards for my loved ones (I have made 13 so far!).

Then suddenly December arrived and it is only 2 weeks before Christmas. I am very much looking forward to the Christmas break.
Winter and trees have become my latest inspirations. I wanted to express them in my painting which I called 'The winter is back'. There is some kind of beauty in winter trees. Maybe it is the hibernation state or perhaps it is winter silence full of whispers,  resting, dreaming and sleeping noises.

'Winter is back' (oil painting)

Also I am getting ready for my first exhibition. I am going to present some of my works in the Engine Shed Cafe in Edinburgh. I am so excited and a bit scared at the same time but looking forward to it.
Sending you all the warmest thoughts of love.