Tuesday 30 April 2013

In the middle of nowhere

I have just come back from a journey to the middle of nowhere, from a land of wildneress and beauty. My soul is happy and nourished. Before we had gone on our journey to the West Coast of Scotland I painted 3 watercolours of the Highlands.

 I will not write many words now, I will let the images speak for themselves. For the energy of these moments from our journey, for the memories, for the spirit of  the wilderness and for me once more.

Monday 22 April 2013

Me now

Hello beautiful souls. I took me a while to decide what I would like to write about. The simplest will be write about me now. I am surrounded by spring. Mornings are like a gift now. I enjoy having windows open to feel nice and fresh air and birds sing beautifully outside. There is more energy in me but at the same time suddenly I got so busy and sometimes I feel like I am constantly trying to catch my shadow instead of me. If I only could stretch time sometimes. So there is lots of stress and anxiety in me. But the more anxious I become the more aware how important is just to let it go and accept things as they are.Practicing yoga in the morning and evenings, awareness of the moment during the day, sending positive thoughts, smiling, reading, painting, meditations and sleep help. Love and empathy to myself and all beings help as well or maybe the most. My latest paintings are about being somewhere between state of hope and feeling overwhelmed. I finally completed my new vision board. It was good fun doing it again. It is really a powerful and extremely inspiring tool. I strongly recommend it for everyone. I wish you all peace, love and beautiful sunny days.

My vision board for 2013

Monday 15 April 2013


 Creative Every Day theme for April is 'Colour'. I asked myself what are colours to me? First thought in my mind which appeared was : colours are feelings, colours are emotions. I always strongly believed and felt that we can describe not only thoughts but also emotions by colours. This what I am trying to do when I paint. I use colours which describe my feelings, my soul, my energy channels. Sometimes I do not know even why I choose to use particular colour I just feel it in me.  During painting my last portrait an idea and need of using colours which are somewhere in my mind and heart now came to me. There is lots of blue in me now, lots of dark blue. There is also lots of yellow, orangy, red colours behind me. These colours are like warm and protective blanket for my spirit. I am so grateful that we can communicate by using colours as well. Colours speak, represent and symbolise. Colurs are another beautiful gift from life.

Monday 8 April 2013


It will be a  birthday post, even if I had my birthday two weeks ago. It will be a birthday post because something has happened during these two weeks. It made me think and feel so grateful just to be, to be alive, to have time, to love, create and learn. I realised how much I want to live and how fragile life sometimes can be. I realised how quick and suddenly everything can change. One day I was celebrating birthday and making plans for the future and few days later the possibility of different future than I thought arrived. Life a guess... I do not know what is going to happen but I do know that I want to carry on with my plans and dreams, enjoy and cherish every moment, give myself time when I need to rest, create, become mum, love and be close with my loved ones. Life is a gift. We sometimes easily forget about it. It will be spring of hope...and waiting.

I painted a self- portrait as a birthday gift for myself. It was good and interesting experience to paint myself. I discovered how important is to keep balance between fear and trust during the painting process. The more we look, the more we see. Have a beautiful week dear souls.

Monday 1 April 2013


Spring has not arrived in Edinburgh yet. However when I am writing these words I smell daffodils on the kitchen table. That smell takes me somewhere away, to the future or to the past. It takes me closer to the spring time. It is nice and sunny but cold afternoon and I feel so blessed and calm. I am enjoying silence and stillness in the house. It makes me feel so good and relaxed. Light, yellow, daffodils and silence. I do not need anything more. This is my happiness.
An inspiration to paint 'Swimmnig' was my vision board again. An image of swimming woman was on it. I am the best example that it is never too late to learn, love, forgive, heal, paint and create. I was very fearful as a child, scared to try and learn new things. When I became  more aware of myself and my thoughts and fears I started to learn and do things which I always was keen on but at some point never managed to do or try. So I learn how to cycle when I was 21 during my trip to Australia ( I told you  it is never too late), I have started to paint and draw when I was 22 (never too late). I have started baking when I was 29 (honestly never too late). I have started to take swimming lessons when I was 24. Then I had few years break with swimming but I promised myself to try again this year. I painted 'Swimming' to encourage, remind and support myself. Swimming carries a sense of freedom, overtaking fear and awareness of body and strenght.
Keep trying again, never give up it is never too late. Life is a learning process. Keep swimming.

I made a beautiful blog journey at the weekend. I saw magical art and read wise and full of love and good energy words and thoughts. Thank you all for beautiful, inspiring journey. You all are amazing!