Saturday 11 August 2018


Summer with a toddler, summer full of wonderful moments and memories. We wet our feet in the sea and river, we built a raft from driftwood, we had so many picnics on the grass, built sandcastles, threw so many stones into the water, made our own ice creams, crushed blocks of ice with frozen toys, made imaginary fire with pine cones....and shared joys together 

Moon, stars and bunnies

with love to Elliot, moon and bunnies
  A story about a boy who loves moon and bunnies and stars. It is a childhood memory, joy of being a dreamer and child, free and curious of anything what life brings.

About a boy

Coming back to the acrylics, enjoying black and white colours and catching few memories from last winter.

'About a boy'. Boy discovers every day magic and become fascinated by his own shadow. Memory from childhood, a moment, precious and timeless.
'Winter in Nairn' a memory of last winter at the beach with my son in Nairn (north east of Scotland).
First summer painting. My love, my son, his connection with nature. Moments when we let go, when child is completely focused on here and there, enjoying nature and elements. Watercolours.

2 souls

Two souls. Nature. Land. Peace, sky and water. I felt so much joy painting this piece.