Sunday 27 January 2013

A Journey to Birthlin

Hello Dear Ones. I hope you are well. I am closing 'dark' theme today. I expressed my view on dark in many symbolic ways. I presented dark as a fear, lack of dreams, journey to light, mystery and miracle and beginning. I am taking a break from my ' pregnancy' inspiration which was very connected with 'dark' theme. However I have to admit I enjoyed  painting babies and pregnant women very much. It was like painting every time a little miracle which is life. Today I would like to share with you my latest painting which is called 'AJourney to Birthlin'. Berlin city map was an inspiration for me to follow my journey through the 'dark' theme. I was looking through city guides which we have on our bookshelf and started to look at city maps and one of them was a map of Berlin. My painting is about a spiritual and physical journey through pregnancy time. It is about a woman and baby's (separate and shared together at the same time) journey through the experience of birth.

A Journey to Birthlin (watercolour)

Inspirations which die and are forever forgotten. Inspirations which will come back again to be transformed or to be forgotten again. I write my inspirations every month. I usually use some of these ideas, some of these ideas will be forgotten, some of these ideas will come back to me again to be transformed or forgotten again. An endless circle.Thank you for inspiring me Leah. Have a beautiful week.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Time travel

Hello gorgeous souls. I feel like I am drifting into memories this week. Suddenly I started to think about myself in the past, when I was younger. When I felt and easily believed so much. I was so sure that absolutely everything is possible, that every dream could be true. And it worked. All my dreams from that time came true. I got scared at some point that the law of attraction would not work for me anymore. I stopped having dreams anymore. I tried to find this particular moment in my memory.
Dreams, hopes, desires and faith are extremely important in our lives. I want to have dreams again and find strength and trust in me to create them in my reality. I would like to be more aware and focused on what I create and bring into my life. I want to be wild again.
'Rose' is about strength, beauty and trust in the life process.

'Rose'( watercolor)

Also I would like to share with you today a song which my partner Scott wrote with so much love for our  cat 'Kicior'. Please listen (here) and I hope it brings you lots of joy (especially cat lovers).

Monday 21 January 2013


I was extremely busy last week. My body started to give me messages to slow down and take a rest. I felt so low and hardly any energy was left in me. And started to snow...There is something magical about snow. That moment when it appears, so suddenly and quietly. This silence is beautiful. It makes me feel so safe and cosy. I am reading 'Snow Child' wrapped in a blanket. All is well and this is just a perfect moment. I feel so grateful and happy. Also a beautiful soul, an artist and friend Lisa wrote on her blog, something what made me think and feel calm. She wrote: 'I am free to create whatever I want'. How beautiful and wise this thought is and how important and precious at the same time.
My latest painting is a combination of my recent thoughts and feelings. It represents my feelings towards my friend An, a waiting process, a journey from dark to light and beginning for new ideas and thoughts.
Have a lovely week.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Happy and beautiful

Hello beautiful souls. Today I would like to present my latest work which I called 'Heaven, Earth and Heart'. An inspiration to start and make it was my 'baby mood'. I saw a few days old Rosie last weekend. I just could not stop admiring her beauty. I could not stop looking at that little miracle which she is. 'Heaven, Earth and Heart' symbolises my whole belief system. There is only heaven (love) and this where we all came from to live on this Earth. I wish we all (including me) could believe and trust that so much in our lives depends on us.

 Heaven, Earth and Heart (watercolour)

Blue baby (acrylics and oils)

                     light is silently entering into my room, delicate music is playing, I am dreaming.

'value my place in this world, seek out positive things about myself and my life, celebrate,trust and embrace myself' -these words are like a prayer for me, my little mantra which helps to remember to find the light when it is getting dark. These words guided me this week through witnessing sorrow around me. I started yoga class again after a year break caused by my fracture. It was so, so great, a wonderful feeling of being fully aware of myself, my body (I discovered again that I have got feet and I love them very much).Also I became aware today that I just felt happy and beautiful.

Monday 14 January 2013

Without words

I was thinking and appreciating today how happy I am to be with a person who I know that well that even sometimes we understand each other without words, we talk through eye contact, facial expression and gestures. How good is to know somebody so well but at the same time to be sure that there is still so much to discover about that person. How beautiful it is to be loved. This is what 'She' is about. 'She' is about being loved.


Please listen to this song. This song is about being taken away from your surrounding love. And this song is written by a beautifully talented and creative soul who has got lots of love and thoughts to share. I am very grateful to know him. (here). Enjoy! Have a beautiful week.

Friday 11 January 2013


I was off work for three weeks and had lots of time to rest, create, meditate, see friends and read.
Time shrank for me this week. I started to feel in the rush of business that there is less and less of me. In the result of this I was less creative and less aware of myself and the world around me. I know that feeling too well because too many times I have experienced it. So this time I decided to try to stay calm and relax, do one thing at a time, do not take guilt trips (my favourite ones), appreciate and being aware of the present moment and I started to feel much better even if I was still busy. It was and still  is a challenge for me to keep myself on this path and remember about it but like everything in our lives it requires practise. I noticed that, regardless of  many difficult moments I have had this week what was the most important to  me were not situations or experiences which I had but my reaction to them. And I discovered again that we really create our reality by our choices.
So I have had a busy but beautiful week.

 My friend Beth gave a birth to a beautiful girl on Tuesday and I am definitely in 'baby inspiration' mood now. As you can probably see. Also I would like to share today, my first portrait made with pastels. I did sketch with pencil first.Have a lovely and creative weekend.

Monday 7 January 2013


Those days. Sometimes. Practising awareness. Do you feel sometimes like smiling but still you do not feel much joy? Do you feel sometimes like no matter how you try to stay positive you just feel so cloudy or like being under deep, deep water and struggling to swim out. Those moods and thoughts of unexpected sadness just come and go sometimes. Then a beautiful and clear awareness appears and I feel like I managed to swim out and I am able to take a deep breath of fresh air. And I feel in moments like those, I am fine, I am back from my darkness, I am fine. And then a new energy. New thoughts and inspirations come as well. I feel myself again. This is what 'Dreamy' is about. 'Dreamy tells a story about those days when you feel you are completely switched off.

Practising being grateful. Looking through, reading and admiring or just sharing moments with people on blog pages make me feel very grateful. I wish I could mention everyone page which I visited. Pages and blogs which  I have seen made me think, touched my heart and soul, inspired in many ways and also made me incredibly happy that we can meet each other and open our heart through our art. I would like to thank you so much for it, specially Leah for inspiring me, Anne for her beautiful heart, art and creativity, Ginny for her wisdom and delicate and precious paintings, Zena for her beautiful photographs and being so honest and open, Kat Sloma and Mary C. Nasser for their professionalism, passion and kind words and many, many of you which I had a chance to visit through this blog journey. Thank you all. I wish you a beautiful, creative and inspiring week.


Sleeping beauty

Friday 4 January 2013


Hello everyone. Happy, happy New Year and Happy, happy PFF!!!
Leah announced new optional and creative theme for January which is 'Dark' few days ago . I did not know what to think about it and then I realized that it could not be better theme for my creativity now. Why?  Because I think about darkness quite often. When I think about darkness also I think immediately about light. These two are like lovers who cannot live and exist apart. These two lovers are so connected and depended on each other. Dark and light are like gifts in our lives. Life is a journey through darkness towards the light. I was so sure this week what I would like to paint. This painting was calling me from many places in my mind and heart.  I enjoyed creating it so much because  there was no better way to express my thoughts, needs and feelings at the moment. My paintings represent a baby journey from dark to light, my hopes and thoughts about my two best friends who are just literally about to give a birth. How beautiful it sounds: give a birth. Is it not one of the most beautiful gifts to the humanity and  the world? 

'Lemon Belly' (pastels)

'Lemon Belly' (pastels)

'Lemon Belly' (watercolour)

'Lemon Belly' (seen from perspective)