Sunday 25 January 2015

Loch Lomond series II

'Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone...'
(Ben Howard, 'Black Flies')

Sunday 18 January 2015

Loch Lomond series I

I visited few galleries and saw few exhibitions last weekend with my friend. Seeing other people work is not only inspiring but very often is a sacred moment between the viewer and the artist and his or her work. Moment when visually and emotionally wordless connection begins, we step into somebody's world, perception and feelings.  I perceive most of the works emotionally, whilst my friend perceives art works through shapes, configurations of colours and forms. Art language has got many dimensions and meanings.

My gratitude list:
watercolour Loch Lomond series
mountains covered with snow
sunday walk
green veg and juices
new sleep routine
rebuilding relationship with my body
watching 'Wild'
moments of love
 quotes 'Struggle is a movement' and 'nothing is lost, only changed'

Thursday 8 January 2015

My word

Happy New Year, dear ones. My body is taking time to heal and rest. I am not trying to resist it anymore. I am trying to get deeper and feel grateful for it. Feel grateful for sleep, listening to my needs, cold press juices, time which universe sent me to rest, kale soups, rain and wind outside, mornings with yoga and evenings with meditation, reading 'Wild and Precious' and 'Woman Code'. I finished Leonie Dawson workbook for 2015. All dreams and goals are set up for next 12 months and my word for this year has been chosen as well. My word is: slow. Slowly following my path, without pressure, rushing and expectations. We do the best we can most of the time and we do not have to accomplish anything to love ourselves and others.