Friday 24 February 2017


Hello dear ones. Sometimes I wonder will I be able to write about something different than motherhood. So far being a mum fills my life completely and everything is related to it, creating as well. We were visiting Edinburgh last week. I caught up with my women friends. Women as mothers, women who trying for a child, women occupied with their lives so much, women who closed their eyes and do not want to open them, happy women,  women who lost their tribe or maybe never had one, women who lost their courage to be who they want to be, women who are so strong and not even aware of their strengths, women artists, friends, lovers. We all are one at one point. We all have been there.
'There ain't no journey what don't change you some' (Cloud Atlas)

My works were recently published  at M.A.M.A (Mothers are making art). I feel honored and very happy to be there. I recommend so much reading an interview with Dyana who is a creator of Procreate project (M.A.M.A). Fantastic woman, beautifully speaks about life, art, motherhood and sisterhood.

Finally I proudly present art of my son. Because baby art matters, made with joy and love.