Tuesday 26 November 2013


Hello gorgeous souls. November has been a very busy month for me but has also brought so many beautiful inspirations and events. Also it has been a year since I started to write my blog. It has been a great year. I met  many beautiful, creative, wise and inspiring souls through blogging. Keeping the blog updated encouraged me to be creative and made me aware of so many beautiful aspects of life. Writing posts for this blog has been a great way to slow down and look more into my inner self which helped me a lot to be more aware and connected with myself. Also the possibility of sharing  my world with others built up my confidence and helped me to understand that we have all got so many beautiful gifts and talents to share and it is so important to support each other, to discover and develop those gifts. Thank you all for being with me and cherishing and nourishing my heart throughout the last year.

Cold and frosty November nights with a full moon inspired me to come back to watercolours and also paint moon pictures. We all know that there is something magical about the moon.
Mystery of space and universe, silence, unseen power, energy and cycles.

The moon

November sky

Monday 18 November 2013


Trees tell stories. They whisper when wind touches them delicately. Nature heels and inspires. Beautiful and cold November.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Her portrait

Hello beautiful souls. It is getting colder and colder in Scotland. Evening and nights seems to be endless and filled with blankets and candles light. I have finished my third portrait of my friend Domi. All of those portraits brought different thoughts and feelings. The last one is about those moments when we do not know which direction to take. It is also about uncertainty and waiting, about being lost and wishing to be found again, about taking time away to think and understand more, about those days when unexpectedly sorrow comes and goes, about life and its cycles. The most important is about my dear friend who represents all aspects of women nature. She is beautiful, delicate and graceful. She loves to laugh and she loves to love and be loved. She is strong and dreams about walks in the forest. Sometimes like everyone she feels lost but always finds her way back to happiness.

Thank you Domi (my Murakamia sister) and Thank you Marcin for beautiful photographs which inspired me to paint last three portraits.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Getting ready

I have just started to work on new portrait. Sketch is finished. I am getting pastels ready and setting up the music. My new painting journey slowly begins.