Friday 23 August 2013


I developed a black and white camera film few weeks ago. All photos on that film were taken over a year ago. Most of them are portraits of my friend An. An is a beautiful and wise woman and great friend. She has moved back to Poland last year. We are still in touch but like with most of my friends and family there is a physical distance between us. I do miss her very much. An was an inspiration to do portraits based on photos of her. When I was painting them I even felt much closer to An. Also these portraits present my feelings in some way as well. They are about beginnings and changes in the woman's life. First one is a portrait of An at the beginning of her pregnancy. Second one symbolises a woman just before taking new direction in her life. How often we have to leave something behind to start again because we feel that it is the best and right for us and we need it.
Autumn is coming....

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Dreamy paintings

Welcome! I have just finished re potting plants in the garden and I feel so restful after it. Now I understand what Anne feels when she looks after beauties in her garden. It is such a relaxing and meditative activity. Alicia described  one of my paintings as a 'dreamy' few weeks ago in the comments section (thank you Alicia). The more I thought about it the more I knew and felt that dreamy is the best description for my art. 'Dreamy paintings'. This is exactly what I feel when I paint. That state of mind and spirit and connection between taking or transforming inner into outer. Painting for me is like dreaming. I tried to presents my 'dreaming state' in my two the latest portraits. Every painting tells different story, different dream. Also I always try to leave a bit of feminine energy in my women portraits. I believe that it is a beautiful energy of heart, love, strength, wisdom and natural beauty. I came back to painting in acrylics again. Perhaps watercolour summer is nearly gone and I am setting up for autumn.
Much love to you all beautiful souls.


Thursday 8 August 2013

Rain and the 5th of August

It has been a bit chilly for the last, few days. So before autumn comes to stay for a longer while, I would like to write about my summer memory of rain, which inspired me to paint 'Before the thunder'. I wrote a few weeks ago in my morning pages notebook: 'Revitalizing rain. My dreams will not be dry anymore. Raindrops will clean my soul and bring new inspirations. And I will grow, grow, grow and create'.

Before the thunder

It was the 5th of August a few days ago. Scott wrote beautiful music and created a wonderful video on the 5th of August last year which he simply called  '5th of August'  He created 'The second 5th of August' this year as well. His creativity reminded me about Leah's theme for August which is 'Cycles'. It made me think about cycles in my life. Cycles of creativity, being inspired, feeling good or sad with myself, cycles of faith and doubts, natural cycles or the cycle of time like the 5th of August. I remember the 5th of August last year so well. It was a wet and rainy Sunday, a quiet and cozy day at home. I did not know and expect so many beautiful changes and experiences to happen at that time in my life. The 5th of August passed away this year as well and I am looking forward to what life will bring to me. Another year, another cycle in my life. Love and blessings to you all.

My peace

Thursday 1 August 2013


Welcome in August beautiful souls! It is a peaceful evening when I am writing these words. I am listening 'Colorless sky' by Desire and I am sorting my thoughts, my latest paintings, photos, drawings and inspirations (which you can see below) and I feel so right, calm and happy.Our cat is sitting with me on the bed, playing happily with new mouse. Purrrrrre happiness! I have had lovely day and lovely time with my wild sister and best friend. I really needed it because I felt a bit lost in past few days. It is so good to have support, people around us, our soul mates who help us to find the right path to walk on. We were sitting on the bench with her little baby Rose and chatting and it was so nice just to enjoy their company and feel connected with them and to that present moment. Beth reminded me today how important is to value and appreciate myself and be grateful, open and positive.

Pastel portraits:


Photos and memories from my analogue camera:


My inspirations: