Sunday 26 April 2015

Moon story in oils

Hello dear ones. First I would like to share with you my gratitude list. My heart has been recently grateful for:
slowing down,
feeling energized,
reading Lost and Found by Brooke Davis.
I painted my moon story in oils this time. A sketch on the big canvas has been waiting for weeks to be completed. I realized that waiting was the part of the process and it is good to wait sometimes, to be patient, to give things time, to slowly anticipate...I also realized that  painting is a joy, need, relief,  meditation, getting through and fixing, constant learning. It is a fear as well,  journey, expression and act of self love.
It was a great experience to work on big canvas for a change and use oils paints. Another moon story is finished. It hangs above our bed and guards our dreams every night.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Moments part I

Moments, part I

Evening peace

Sunset at Loch Inchard

Navy Loch Inchard

Window View

Tuesday 7 April 2015

'Oslo' story

It is always nice to give away or sell a painting. However it is a bit hard sometimes to let the painting go because it is a part of me in many ways. The emotions and memories are gathered in every painted piece. But it is always nice to share the energy of a painting with others. I do not know personally buyers in most of the cases. So I always hope that they like and enjoy my paintings. First time I had an opportunity to deliver personally my painting to the buyer who I have never met before. This is where the story of 'Oslo' begins or ends....
Few hours before the delivery of the painting I had spoken to my friend. We were talking about past, mistakes and regrets. I told my friend that I do not regret past, even if I made many mistakes especially in my twenties but without all those mistakes I would not be where I am now. 'Oslo' the painting is the best example for that. If I did not go to 'Oslo' few good years ago,  I would never paint 'Oslo' and 'Oslo' would have never found new owner. 
The lady who got 'Oslo' is an artist. I completely fell in love with her paintings. She told me that she never buys paintings of different artists and 'Oslo' is her first one. First time she saw 'Oslo' months ago at the Engine Shed exhibition. The place did not accept cards so she could not get it. Second time when she saw 'Oslo' was just before final closing of The Engine Shed' (my last exhibition there). So this time she decided to get in touch with me and ask about 'Oslo'. Maybe 'Oslo' has belonged to her from the first time when she saw it.Maybe everything has got its own story, place and time to be.


My gratitude list:
playing guitar and accordion
time in bed with hot water bottle
meeting Carin
charcol sketches and Phillipa's painting
Samuel visit in our flat
herbal teas and reading
finding a red dress which was blown away by wind

Wednesday 1 April 2015

hello day, hello April

hello air,
hello breath, hello geranium, hello music, hello sleepy cat, hello biscuit, hello new painting, hello new day, hello life

Hello solar eclipse