Tuesday 25 December 2012

April, May, June (recap)

I hope you all are having nice Christmas. My love and blessings to you.
Time to carry on with my recap of 2012.
April, May, June-  All those months seemed to be like a dream, like an inner journey. I experienced lots of pain, lots of lack of hope and I was very scared. I felt so powerless. My relationship with Scott started to break as well into thousand little pieces. It took us lots of time and effort to put all pieces of our love back together. I realised that I have to help and heal myself. I understood that my accident did not happen without a reason. It happened to change and heal my life. I started to read spiritual books again, meditate every day. I tried to keep positive, forgive myself and others and give myself lots and lots of love. I used art to heal my arm. I could not use my left hand ( I am left handed), so I was doing pictures by using my other hand. And...thing started to change...for better Thank you my mum and Beth for all your support.

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