Sunday 22 June 2014


Hello beautiful and dear souls. It has been happening so much recently. It feels like the universe sends one blessing after another. It is summertime. That is definitely one of the blessings. It is a gorgeous time of the year. There is so much light everywhere. Even nights are not completely covered by darkness anymore. It feels like days never end. My summer is a combination of moments: tasting strawberries, making blueberry muffins,getting  freckles, enjoying 'Moomins' stories, resting and relaxing in the garden, being more focused on the present moment, practicing daily meditation, new inspiration and projects. I am getting ready to a group exhibition and 2 solo art displays, which  requires so much energy but it is a great experience at the same time.

One of the latest works. Sketch and watercolour.

and a little 15x15 cm canvas made for a group exhibition in Space Artworks Gallery

Sunday 8 June 2014

'Are you a squirrel?'

I am slowing down and I am more relaxed and happier. I also have just finished reading  'Hear the wind sing' and started 'Pinball 1973' both written by my favourite author Haruki Marukami. I took 'Murakami' to the garden, bed and arts market and he is a great companion. I take him to the places and he let me read himself. Beautiful relationship and beautifully written book.

These are recently sketched and painted in watercolours works.When I look at them now I think straight away about my young friend Ada, who like a little fairy can guess my dreams. Magical Ada!
Both of these works were inspired by a beautiful photograph from

Scott and I did together arts market in Out of the Blue. It was an extremely nice experience. It was a beautifully sunny and rainy day ( zen weather).  We both met very friendly, talented and inspiring artists and visitors. The best and most cheerful and philosophical conversations we had with...children.
I asked little boy with his faced painted: 'Are you a squirrel?'
The boy said: ' Yes, but not the real one. Squirrels do not talk. I talk. I am a human being'

These 3 photos below are photographs of Scott's work. Personally I love them. It is so good to see how Scott's adventure with photography develops and how his perception of seeing and feeling expands.

My favourite photo from the market captured by Scott. It reflects how our art journeys combine into one.

Out of the Blue
Much love to you all!

Sunday 1 June 2014


After 3 weeks of constant work I have started to feel like being on a train that I could not get off. So the first thing which I did when I had some time off was go for a walk. I walked to my favourite spot in Edinburgh.

Solitude. Me and nature. Silence. Sun, lots of sun. Feeling warm. Feeling calm.