Monday 27 May 2013


Hello gorgeous souls. I know that there is lots of sorrow in this world. But also I know that there is so much love and beauty around us. Sky, light, darkness, trees, birds, food, children ans older people, us, animals, paintings and songs, music, art, dreams, experience of love and creation, friendships and relationships, women and men, stars and seas, rain, water and fire, rivers and mountains, beauty all around us. It is everywhere always. We can see, smell, taste, hear, touch, love, laugh, sleep, jump, create, walk, dream, paint, we can be.
Dandelions. I noticed them recently. I realised how beautiful they are. I have discovered them again after so many years and so many summers of not noticing them at all. I remember how often I used to play with dandelions when I was little and how much I appreciated them at that time. I try to appreciate and see all beauty around me, because it is everywhere, always. Everything can be an inspiration to express our feelings through art. Dandelions too.

Sunday 19 May 2013

In the evening

Hello beautiful souls. I was writing my previous post in the morning and I  am writing this one during the magical evening. This evening makes me calm. A delicate and peaceful music, burning candle, open fire and sleeping cat on the green rug surround me. That precise moment, that precise moment of time makes me calm and happy. I ma sitting in cosy blue chair and looking at the green, garden through the window. There is so much life out there. Little flies are dancing delicately in the air. I feel gratitude. I feel grateful for everything what I have got and experienced. I feel grateful for that moment. I am flowing.
I would like to share with you the story of my latest painting. I was inspired by my little friend Matteo. We went together to The Botanics Gardens. Matteo wanted to see squirrels so he picked and lifted up a stick and started to shout 'come squirrels, come'. He was creating magic just like little magician. I love children world and how they perceive world around them, how truly they live and fully enjoy every moment. I gave myself time to paint and I enjoyed it so much! Every moment!

Monday 13 May 2013

Measured by heart

Hey gorgeous souls. I hope you are well and feel happy, relaxed and peaceful today. It is still morning when I am writing these words. I am listening beautiful and soothing music and I have just read an article wrote by Jen Saunders about self-love and I feel that my soul is happy and nourished again. Right things, people, situations come to us in the most appropriate time even if we do not feel it or realise it. I needed it so much, my soul needed it. I am having quite busy time in my life now. Busy unfortunately means very often stressful. Therefore it is very important for me to keep balance, think positive, trust universe and provide myself love and kindness. Provide myself love and kindness. Could we find better gift for ourselves than this? Jen wrote that 'self love is foundation to everything good' and also ' Do what makes you happy'. How beautiful, true and uplifting words these are. Do what make you happy. That is way I am writing now, listening music and smiling to myself and my soul. And I really want to share that happiness with you. It is beautiful outside, full blossom. Trees, plants and flowers are smiling, radiating with happiness, self love and beauty.
My last painting appeared as a big challenge for me, quite unexpected challenge. I have not been painting for a while and I was really looking forward to it. I knew what I had wanted to paint. But...things turned up not easy, I struggled with putting oil paints and I started to feel that my painting became a failure. In a result of that it was really hard for me to relax and just let it go and do not think just carry on with the process without expecting anything. All those feelings made me think lots of negative thoughts and doubts about myself and my creations but then I realised and tried to remember about love and kindness to myself and new and positive thoughts came to me. I realised that mostly I just would like to share myself and my art which is part of me with the rest of the world. And the biggest and most important value and measure of my art and art of others is heart.

She tries to catch and keep for longer time, happiness and spring.

Monday 6 May 2013

Flowers and memories

Hello beautiful souls. Leah's inspiring theme in May is 'Flowers'. There are a lot of flowers around me, especially at this time of year. I enjoy looking and admiring every day, how trees are getting greener and greener, how everything is in bloom. Not only trees and plants but people too. Spring always brings new hopes and fresh energy after winter time. It is one of the favourite times of the year for me. I am a spring baby. I also enjoy having flowers in our house. Painting them is like capturing that precise moment in time in the year. It always leaves and brings memories. When I look at my flowery paintings I always come back with memories to that time when I was painting them. I look and think ' oh yes, I remember that summer, when I was sitting in the garden' or ' oh yes, I remember these flowers, I got them from Scott. It was a beautiful spring'...and many, many more of those little moments preserved and saved on paper. There are flowers which I have never managed to paint and I regret. I also did not expect that writing about flowers would bring me so much joy, appreciation and awareness of beauty around me. Love and blessings to you all. Have a lovely and creative week.

summer 2012 (watercolour painted in the garden)

summer 2012

autumn 2012

spring 2013