Monday 27 October 2014

Changing seasons

Days are getting colder and colder. Winter breeze is spreading around. It is getting dark earlier and evenings are getting longer and longer, filled with reading and knitting in front of the fire. It is hard to explain why but during the colder seasons I prefer to use as a medium pastels and acrylics. Whilst during the warmer time I create usually with watercolours and oils. Watercolours paintings are usually painted memories of the summer or journeys.

Saturday 18 October 2014


My time in Poland. Combinations of moments, glimpses of magic. Catching up with my friend Domi in Poznan-coffee and chat in the old part of the city, lack of traffic noise, the sound of church bells at noon, watching falling leaves at night and lots of our laughter. Cycling in the mornings in the park, walking barefoot on the leaves. Time with my parents and brother, sketching leaves and enjoying sun, warmth and autumn. Magic moments.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Inner compass

Sometimes when we feel that it is getting darker and darker suddenly the light appears. It can be a memory, music, treat of yoga, seeing a friend, moment of silence, leaf picked in the park,  child's whisper, solitude or walk in the woods. Then our hearts start to glow again. They glow with light. Maybe it is a power of life which brings us back where our hearts belong. Then our awareness raises and we feel that we are enough. 

Scott and I took a walk through the woods few days ago. I followed my inner compass and let myself go. It was when my heart started to glow again. When darkness disappeared...