Monday 27 January 2014

Scott- love and share the sound

I realised a few weeks ago that since I have started blogging I wrote posts about my familyfriends and even the beeman but I was always only mentiong Scott and I have never written a post about him or dedicated to him. Scott has been one of the dearest people in my life for the last 5 years. He has been my friend, teacher and the dearest partner and companion. He has a beautiful, kind and delicate heart. He is also a very creative soul. Scott has been  passionate about music for years. Sometimes I even think that his thoughts are verbalized and expressed first through music and then words. He has recently fell in love with photography art and captured beautiful and heartwarming images. We both share our lives together and I feel very grateful and happy to step on the path of life next to him. when I am writing those words now, my love is just finishing making pineapple jam, baking sourdough bread  and playing ukelele in the meantime. ' I am just a man on a journey' this is how simply Scott describes himself on his blog which is full of beautiful music and photographs. I think, feel and know that man who is on the journey is a beautiful and wise person,  talented musician and the biggest bread baking lover who I have ever met.

I painted watercolours below very spontaneously, inspired by a moment. I wanted to capture untouchable moments of clarity, freedom, silence and peace.

Two birds (watercolour)

Silence (watercolour)

Monday 20 January 2014


Hello beautiful souls. I am half way through exhibiting my art works in a public space. It has been an interesting, joyful and inspiring experience so far. I realized that exposing paintings which are really part of me is challenging and very personal. It is an act of sharing, a non verbal dialogue and connection between the painting and the viewer. It was a fantastic experience to see people stopping by to look at my art works. I try to capture and express moments of stillness, beauty, silence, memories and peace in my paintings. I really do hope that people who were looking at my art works could feel that too. It is a beautiful feeling to be able to communicate through art. I received very warm and positive feedback from people which I am very grateful for. It was also great to hear so many different views and opinions. In the result of this, I could see my art works through other people eyes. It made me aware how individual our perception is. It has been a great learning experience as well. But the most important is, it has been the best artist's date ever!
Thank you all for your big support, help and stopping by. Sending you a million thoughts of gratitude and love.

Monday 6 January 2014


Hey beautiful souls. Welcome in January. My winter holidays are nearing their end after 3 weeks. It has been good, restful, creative and beneficial time in many ways. Originally I planned to paint as much as I could but...I focused on different activities instead. I realized that I needed to rest, clean and make space for my new dreams in the first place. I needed to make space for new inspiration and creativity to come. I have not even been completely aware of many moments when that space has started to fulfill itself naturally again. The recent walks and wanders with Scott (please have a look at his beautiful photographs, here) have inspired me to take photographs again. I have started to work on a new painting and made a portrait-sketch for it.

I played with watercolours.

I was also getting ready to my debut exhibition.

and completely fell in love with January sky...

I am glad that I trusted and listened to my inner voice to give myself a break and simply enjoy it. I am happy that it is so much easier for me now to acknowledge my needs. I am more relaxed now, my soul is joyful and nourished and creativity naturally flows in my system again.