Monday 21 January 2013


I was extremely busy last week. My body started to give me messages to slow down and take a rest. I felt so low and hardly any energy was left in me. And started to snow...There is something magical about snow. That moment when it appears, so suddenly and quietly. This silence is beautiful. It makes me feel so safe and cosy. I am reading 'Snow Child' wrapped in a blanket. All is well and this is just a perfect moment. I feel so grateful and happy. Also a beautiful soul, an artist and friend Lisa wrote on her blog, something what made me think and feel calm. She wrote: 'I am free to create whatever I want'. How beautiful and wise this thought is and how important and precious at the same time.
My latest painting is a combination of my recent thoughts and feelings. It represents my feelings towards my friend An, a waiting process, a journey from dark to light and beginning for new ideas and thoughts.
Have a lovely week.


  1. Wow! Powerful painting and so well done ~

    How lovely that just when you needed 'down time' the Universe gave you snow ~ a perfect time to stay inside and cocoon ~ Have a great week.

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. i love this painting. It looks like watercolor? i love that she is enveloped in darkness, and yet, there is a light cast on her, coming from somewhere... :-) Beautiful. xox

  3. Wonderful thoughts and wonderful artwork. It´s true we are free, often accepting this is not easy... but we are embracing that freedom, aren´t we? Happy week xx

  4. Aga, your work is beautiful. Some day I would love to know more about your technique. Your paintings are always so calm and powerful at the same time.

    There is something so special about snow and the quiet that surrounds us when it appears. It is almost as if we were living in a magical land - at least for awhile. It is wonderful to realize that we are free to create whenever we want. And when we realize that almost everything we do can be creative, it is even more exciting. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Beautiful, Aga. Your painting and your thoughts. It's always such a joy to stop by your blog.

    Wishing you beauty and joy and delight today.

  6. Playing catchup with blogs, and really like the power and beauty of your recent works.

    I know what you mean about snow. I've lived in places where it comes down really deep and stays for weeks or months, blanketing the land in peace. Sadly all we get here is a couple of inches that never lasts :(

  7. Nothing speaks best about light and darkness than a babe in the womb. He/she is growing in darkness, waiting to see light, and to those who awaits him/her only lights shine through ;-)

  8. Oh Aga :) <3 I love seeing all your work and reading your thoughts.