Friday 11 January 2013


I was off work for three weeks and had lots of time to rest, create, meditate, see friends and read.
Time shrank for me this week. I started to feel in the rush of business that there is less and less of me. In the result of this I was less creative and less aware of myself and the world around me. I know that feeling too well because too many times I have experienced it. So this time I decided to try to stay calm and relax, do one thing at a time, do not take guilt trips (my favourite ones), appreciate and being aware of the present moment and I started to feel much better even if I was still busy. It was and still  is a challenge for me to keep myself on this path and remember about it but like everything in our lives it requires practise. I noticed that, regardless of  many difficult moments I have had this week what was the most important to  me were not situations or experiences which I had but my reaction to them. And I discovered again that we really create our reality by our choices.
So I have had a busy but beautiful week.

 My friend Beth gave a birth to a beautiful girl on Tuesday and I am definitely in 'baby inspiration' mood now. As you can probably see. Also I would like to share today, my first portrait made with pastels. I did sketch with pencil first.Have a lovely and creative weekend.


  1. Aga, your work is beautiful. I love all three portraits. The colors on the last one are so rich and deep. The baby is so sweet. These are really wonderful.

    I am so glad that the clock exercise was helpful. Thank you for letting me know that it gave you valuable insight into your time.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy every minute.

  2. A beautiful baby with a nice happy face. Deliciously tender.

  3. Beautiful paint. The first touch my heart, love it!

  4. His works are powerful and sweet, are original and produce feeling. Saludos

  5. oh so cute. You are truly very talented. the babe is dreamy and sweet. My neice just gave birth to her first baby and I am inspired by the blanck canvas a newborn is and really so wonderful
    Good thought and well wishes to the parents

  6. Beautiful and very sensitive work!! Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Babies are such blessings! Your painting is beautiful, the WIPs too, I like the portrait a lot

  8. Wow..these are so beautiful..gorgeous works! the baby is so gentle and special..very peaceful! and I totally love that color of blue on the second..fabulous!
    Happy PPf!

  9. These are each wonderful. Thanks for sharing...and yes, one. Step at a time? Enjoy life. Your art is terrific!

  10. Love the portrait of the baby. Wonderful words, too. Yes, stay present regardlesss of what is happening, regardless of our initial perception of our reality that can be negative, requires practise. Being where we are requires practise. But it´s rewarding... Have a nice week dear friend xx

  11. I especially love that last portrait. Such lovely, rich, and peaceful colors and shading. :)