Monday 26 November 2012


I was struggling at the weekend. I was struggling with myself, with not allowing myself to rest when I felt that my body was giving up. I did not listen my body at all. I realised as always a bit to late how important is to give myself time to rest. Creation needs rest as well. I am posting today my second and last episode of ' Fish Tales'. This time it is a story about closeness, being together but individual at the same time, darkness and light, about flowing, about caring and about mother and her child. Have a happy week everyone.

Fish Tales


  1. This is beautiful. It says so much.... I just want to sit with it for a while... you know what I mean? I'm glad I found you via AEDM today!

    Here is my post today if you would like to visit!

  2. Dear Julie. Thank you with all my heart for such warming thoughts. Thank you once again