Thursday 22 November 2012


I have started my water pictures. I have started my underwater journey some time ago. When I started I noticed synchronicity with little events in my life. I watched the movie " Rust and Bone", I discovered music full of watery sounds,  I found beautiful blue pictures and finally I made first sketch. A first seed was planted. I love process of creation. That time when process is the most important, when creating is like a meditation, when I completely forget about final effect. No criticism, no expectations, just creation and just me.
 Possibility of sharing our works with others and being inspiration for each other creates beautiful connection between all of us. We use art language. We communicate through our art works without words. Thank you for sharing and thank you for inspiring me. Thank you life. Thank you.

First painted with watercolour memory of our trip to Highlands
Loch Etive, Scotland (First  watercolor memory of our trip to Highlands)


  1. temptating !!!
    glad I found out your blog on AEDM

    1. Dear Titbelsoeur. I am glad to hear it, I am glad you like it. I had a look at your blog. I do not know French so I could not read anything but because of that I could read through your art and I love it. there are so much joy, love nad happiness in your works. I love colours which you use. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful picture, of a wonderful part of the world. I visit Fife regularly :)

  3. Hi Nigel. It is a very beautiful part of the world, but extremely windy and rainy at the moment:)

  4. welcome to the journey :-) Enjoy AEDM!

  5. Thank you Linda. It is nice journey like a dream. good dream:)

  6. This is beautiful, one of my favorite parts of the world. You have captured exactly what it can look like in the early morning.

  7. What you said made me think. (I'll use myself as an example). Not everyone likes my art - or type of art. But I've found out through blogging that comments about my art -whether
    in-depth critique or just admiration for colors used, style or subject matter - makes me want to do even better! Comments stir me to want to give back to those who appreciate my art even more and better art. Isn't that what helps a child to become a success in life - their parents acceptance and encouragement in all they do? Guess we never lose that need to share and be accepted with others in society.

  8. Dear Lessandra. Thank you for your comment. You wrote so wisely about encouraging and supporting each other with creation. I completely agree with you. I think it is beautiful and important to suppport each other in a loving and caring way.It is very important to be open and respectful with others. There is enough of criticism in the world which we live already. I believe we have to start with ourselves and be kind and lovable not only for others but specially for ourselves. Just like Ghandi said: be the change.