Sunday 25 November 2012

Hurry up, We are dreaming

I feel that there are so many thoughts which I would like to share. It is like a stream and I cannot really stop it. I feel that I could easily write and touch so many subjects. I had quite bizarre day. I finally managed to sit down and start painting which brings  peace into my heart. I hurt today my hand. The same one which I badly hurt 7 months ago. All my fears came back in one short moment of time, all not nice memories. But I thought I cannot give up now, so I sat to meditate and then I started to paint. I started to paint water and immediately felt more peaceful and calm. Art is good therapy.  My hand is still sore but my mind and my heart feel so much better.
Also it has been a week since I started blogging. First thought which comes to me is gratitude for all those who shared their time with me and visited my page and left comments. Thank you for all your comments. Some of them made me think and were inspiration for my posts. Thank you for it. It was pleasure and fantastic adventure to visit other blogs and arty websites. It is beautiful that we are all different, that we all have will and need to create. I really believe we make world better place because of that. Special thanks to for very wise comment. Special thanks to Leah for gathering us together, maybe without her we all would not have met.
I think it is beautiful and important to support each other in a loving and caring way.It is very important to be open and respectful with others. There is enough of criticism in the world which we live already. I believe we have to start with ourselves and be kind and lovable not only for others but specially for ourselves. Just like Gandhi said: 'Be the change'.

 I was writing a card to my friend today. I wrote her name on the envelope and could not stop myself and started to doodle. That is an effect. Little, spontaneous creation.

First doodle

Final doodle

 p.s. The tittle for the post comes from  music album which accompanied me with my watery paintings. My 'Fish Tales' are nearly finished.


  1. Congratulations on your first week of blogging. Your blog is beautiful-i really like your background image and the general design. Cute doodles too.

  2. Dear Lorik. Thank you very much for your nice words and kindness.