Tuesday 7 April 2015

'Oslo' story

It is always nice to give away or sell a painting. However it is a bit hard sometimes to let the painting go because it is a part of me in many ways. The emotions and memories are gathered in every painted piece. But it is always nice to share the energy of a painting with others. I do not know personally buyers in most of the cases. So I always hope that they like and enjoy my paintings. First time I had an opportunity to deliver personally my painting to the buyer who I have never met before. This is where the story of 'Oslo' begins or ends....
Few hours before the delivery of the painting I had spoken to my friend. We were talking about past, mistakes and regrets. I told my friend that I do not regret past, even if I made many mistakes especially in my twenties but without all those mistakes I would not be where I am now. 'Oslo' the painting is the best example for that. If I did not go to 'Oslo' few good years ago,  I would never paint 'Oslo' and 'Oslo' would have never found new owner. 
The lady who got 'Oslo' is an artist. I completely fell in love with her paintings. She told me that she never buys paintings of different artists and 'Oslo' is her first one. First time she saw 'Oslo' months ago at the Engine Shed exhibition. The place did not accept cards so she could not get it. Second time when she saw 'Oslo' was just before final closing of The Engine Shed' (my last exhibition there). So this time she decided to get in touch with me and ask about 'Oslo'. Maybe 'Oslo' has belonged to her from the first time when she saw it.Maybe everything has got its own story, place and time to be.


My gratitude list:
playing guitar and accordion
time in bed with hot water bottle
meeting Carin
charcol sketches and Phillipa's painting
Samuel visit in our flat
herbal teas and reading
finding a red dress which was blown away by wind


  1. I love this painting Aga, no wonder you were sad to see it go.. It is a peaceful and calm image, It is lovely to have met its new owner too. There is such a strong attachment to Artist and painting it is especially good that it has gone to another Artist!
    Btw, Im pretty thankful for herbal tea too ;)

  2. Wonderful story about Oslo the painting. I think the universe was waiting for her to have it. xox

  3. Great story about the painting! Hugs, Valerie

  4. A beautiful post Aga and 'Oslo' is a stunning painting. I like the idea that the person who finally managed to buy it was meant to have it from their first meeting.
    Have a wonderful weekend and happy PPF to you

  5. It sounds like this painting is meant for this woman, even if it is hard to part with it. If she has come across the painting so many times without the chance of buying it, I am sure she will give it a good home. And lucky you to make such a sale.

  6. what a lovely story about your painting. I believe this beautiful piece was truly meant for that artist. Happy PPF!

  7. Gorgeous painting. I really identify with your thoughts on letting paintings go. Very hard to do. Wonderful post!

  8. Its so interesting when paintings find the right person. Beautiful painting and a lovely story of Oslo

  9. What a lovely story. I agree, it can be hard to let go sometimes.

  10. What a beautiful story, Aga. I agree with you that we shouldn't regret past mistakes... they all lead us to become who we are.

    I'm glad your painting found a wonderful new home and that you made a new friend, even if letting go of the painting was hard.

    Have a lovely weekend filled with many joys and gratitudes.

  11. Such a lovely story Oslo. I too believe this artist was meant to have this painting. It must feel wonderful to know that it will be appreciated by someone who rarely buys someone else's art.