Sunday 26 April 2015

Moon story in oils

Hello dear ones. First I would like to share with you my gratitude list. My heart has been recently grateful for:
slowing down,
feeling energized,
reading Lost and Found by Brooke Davis.
I painted my moon story in oils this time. A sketch on the big canvas has been waiting for weeks to be completed. I realized that waiting was the part of the process and it is good to wait sometimes, to be patient, to give things time, to slowly anticipate...I also realized that  painting is a joy, need, relief,  meditation, getting through and fixing, constant learning. It is a fear as well,  journey, expression and act of self love.
It was a great experience to work on big canvas for a change and use oils paints. Another moon story is finished. It hangs above our bed and guards our dreams every night.


  1. Beautiful, I too am a moon kindred..such a powerful and magical energy to embody and express and experience! your painting is wonderful ! Shine on

  2. What a beautiful post Aga,
    I could relate to your wise words and adore your moon painting.
    We've seen a very strange moon over the last few months from beautifully big, pink and of course the last eclipse.
    Thank you for sharing your artwork ;D

  3. Most striking work Aga. xox

  4. i love your moon painting & how you say that it "guards your dreams" every night. I too, am infatuated with the moon - so i really appreciate your paintings. And I hope you're enjoying LOST AND FOUND as much as I did! i thought her writing was so smooth. Loved it. xx

  5. Wise words, Aga. We have to learn to live our process as it is... often we are prone to force it but we can learn to accept. Love your moon stories. Have a nice day, dear friend xx

  6. Wonderful post and painting, Valerie

  7. This painting is so yummy. Love it.


  8. Aga, this is wonderful. Sometimes it is hard to wait and to be patient.

  9. what a really lovely pose and painting Aga. And thank you for those wise words.

  10. This is stunning! I feel like we all have those signs on our back, invisible or not.