Sunday 18 June 2017


Gratitude list:

walks in the woods
Elliot, Elliot, Elliot
Beth, Lisa, Sarah and Carin
time with my parents
tractor parade

Summer time...finally I feel connected and settled where we are. I took me a long time to find my way here (Scottish highlands). I learned though quite few mistakes. I do not try to fit anymore people and places where I do not belong with my heart. I understood that the best way to be happy is to follow my own pace and my heart.
 I have got the feeling that maybe, maybe I will start painting again. One breath at the time...
wishing you all beautiful summer


  1. Good advice to follow your heart, your pace. Sweet drawing of your little man. Recently saw a show on Wild Scotland. The highlands are not an easy place, but the wildness and the strong sea are worth it I suspect. xox

  2. It's been so good catching up with your blog, Aga! I've missed your thoughtful posts, your art, your photography.

    Following your heart (first LISTENING to your heart) is the best thing. We can never be truly happy or truly ourselves if we don't.

    Big hugs to you, my sweet friend.