Tuesday 31 January 2017


It is fascinating how fast we develop in the first months of our lives. We are incredibly eager, determined and curious to learn, to try. We love ourselves unconditionally and we are incredibly happy to...be, to live.

I still cannot express how motherhood is powerful and how it opens me, puts people, life, things in different, better perspective and light, how it  teaches me to understand more and feel more.
The most important of all I am so very much  grateful  to be, to be a mother....


  1. How wonderful, it is a very magical time, everything takes on a new perspective, it's powerful and so full of love, enjoy! Such loving sketches!

  2. Yes, there is nothing like the love you have for your child that's for sure. Beautiful loving and tender sketches Aga. Happy PPF!

  3. Its the best and most rewarding job on earth. Love the art.

  4. I love your sketches and completely agree that motherhood changes you in profound ways. It's a wonderful thing. :)

  5. Such sweet sketches, Aga.

    Big hugs to you and lots of love to your sweet family!