Tuesday 24 November 2015


I have not been posting for a while. Lots of big changes happened in my life which shaped it into new pathways and directions. My creativity focused on the little new life growing in me. Also we moved to live on the North, to Scottish Highlands. New surroundings are beautiful and peaceful. Days are filled with time, walks into the woods and creativity which is coming back. Nights not like in the city are full of stars and constellations. Star stories are definitely happening here. The most important I could not be happier and grateful than I feel now with all changes which happened in the past months.
My creativity and work are very intuitive now. So I am trying to follow it and give it time to unfold. Unfinished stories are coming out and new ones taking place almost simultaneously.
Winter is coming…


  1. Exciting! Congratulations how wonderful to be starting a family. nice to have all those stars to share with your little one to be. xox

  2. Happiest of congratulations to you, my friend! I was wondering if perhaps you were pregnant. :)

    So glad to know that your creativity is blooming and growing with all that is blooming and growing in your life!

    Big hugs!

  3. How many changes, Aga and all so positive and beautiful. Congrats, you deserve the best xx