Sunday 14 June 2015


Thoughts about weaving:

Weaving is a process. It takes time. It can be a relaxing retreat for yourself or your soul sisters. Weaving together is pretty magical. 
Weaving is in and out- repetitive movement. The flow creates the whole piece. 
My weaving is completely imperfect and maybe that is why I like it so much. Weaving reminds me life in itself. It is also a connection with nature and meditation.

Gratitude list:

wild chives, pineapple and banana cake,
sunny and warm days,
morning walk, 
watching flying kite with Giulia on the beach


  1. Your weaving is wonderful.

    Your gratitude list is so evocative. Brings me joy just to read it.

    Every time I visit your blog it's a breath of fresh air for my soul. Thank you, dear, sweet, Aga!

  2. Aga you quieten my busy mind... banana cake... who could not be thankful ;)

  3. I like your weaving, a good way to let the mind wander off where it needs to journey. Your piece reminds me of a wing. xox

  4. Oh... this is so precious, love the last photo and the glimpses of your house behind it

  5. Much love dear Aga, have a nice weekend xx