Sunday 22 March 2015

Few days

Scott and I spent few days at the North West of Scotland. Every journey, just like every day brings something. We nourished our spirits with writing, sketching, doing time lapses of night sky covered with stars and we took photographs which later would become inspirations for my paintings. We captured and preserved moments of beauty, stillness, being in the wilderness. We love it!
I wish I could fully describe the sound of the ocean waves, turquoise colour of water and smell of the air up North. Those will be forever captured in my heart.


  1. The wildness of the coast is wonderful. The silence of no people mist be marvelous. xox

  2. Beautiful photos, that blue is amazing and beautiful YOU, dear friend xx

  3. I can almost smell the sea air! Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventure! Sounds like it was just what you needed!