Sunday 1 February 2015

Sunday walk

Hello gorgeous souls. Today is the day when everything seems to be in perfect alignment and synchronized. From one point of view nothing really happened but at the same time I feel so grateful to life. It has been snowing (I was waiting for snow so long), I started to knit washclothes, had a walk, I have been painting moons, looking at sleepy cat on the sofa, briefly saw my friend and all is well. There is no rush, just trying to remember to go with my pace, my flow and I feel happy and I feel grateful.


  1. These pictures are gorgeous, beautiful frames and full of poetry with those naked trees!

  2. Sounds like you were perfectly in the moment. Love it when that happens. Peace. Soul sustenance.

    Such beautiful, beautiful photos (and your shoes are so cute!).

    Wishing you a wonderfully creative and peaceful week!

  3. What amazing pictures - this magical place would supply me with endless paintings! Happy PPF!