Monday 11 February 2013


We went to the Pentlands at the weekend. Scott and his brother set up a fire. It was a beautiful fire. I realised that I have not been sitting in front of the fire for years. I nearly forgot how magical experience it is. I nearly forgot that feeling not only of warming up yourself but mostly of being connected and supported by fire, by nature. When I was sitting in front of the fire I felt so peaceful and safe. I felt protected by the fire. It was like a gift which earth offered to me or shared with me to nourish my soul and fill with inspiration. I nearly forgot about four sacred elements. Fire, water, air and earth. How much our life depends on these forces? How precious and magical they are. Thank you four elements. I called my latest painting 'Summer'. I wanted her to be  full of light, delicacy, heart and understanding. I hope you can see it in her. Have a beautiful week.



  1. Yes a crackling fire on the beach is absolutely wonderful! Patsy from

  2. Lovely portrait ~ very pensive look and photography is great ~ Sounds like a wonderful time ~

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ visiting from Creative Everyday ^_^

  3. Great photos, love the painting too. Happy week, dear friend xx

  4. She looks very peaceful.
    A beautiful post you wrote also. I love to sit by the fire too, there is an intensity around it, I think.

    You have done beautiful portraits during this challenge. I have to come and look more often.

    Ilona :-)

  5. There's nothing more magical than a fire out in the open, especially if it's accompanied with good company (and good wine).

    I've just caught up with your last few posts, and the portraits are beautiful.

  6. Your portrait is lovely. I really like the addition of color. Thank you for sharing your photos. I really love being able to travel all over the world without ever leaving home. It is nice to have such generous blogging friends.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful week!

  7. Such wonderful photos, Aga! I love how you write about sitting by the fire. It is so lovely. I look forward to having better weather here for sitting out by a fire (we have a gas fireplace in our house, bit it's not quite the same).

    Your summer painting is beautiful. The people in your portraits have such expressive faces!

    I'm glad to be joining you on your artistic adventure (thank you for sharing -- and thank you for stopping by my little place on the web to join me in mine!!)

    Sending huge hugs your way!

  8. Oh, I am so happy to have visited your beautiful blog, I love this place!

    I look at 'Summer' and see warmth and contentment. Beautiful!

    I'll be back again to enjoy more of your faces and superb photography!

  9. Beautiful photos, and Summer has such a lovely thoughtful look on her face.


    p.s. I enjoyed reading what painting means to you in the post below.

  10. Great catches, I like these delicious photos, especially the fire.

  11. nice faces, and love the photos!

  12. Wow! Truly incredible! I love the summer face. Absolutely beautiful!